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I'm Daisy, a street food fanatic that rarely says no to a cheap flight :') I was adopted by a modeling agency in India (not a model), lived with bikers in Turkey (not a biker) and stayed in a community with self-built teepees along the Spree in Germany (not a real hippie). But it was Oman that I fell in love with. The mountains, wadis, desert, and sea drew me in. I'm sure you will enjoy the country as much as I do.
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Oman is for to the adventurer in all of us!

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On my first day in Oman, my friend told me that being in the country is like being hugged by the mountains. Everywhere you turn, you will be embraced by the rolling hills and bright blue sky.

She wasn’t lying.

After staying here for some time, I fell in love with this mysterious country. There were endless adventures waiting to happen, endless stories waiting to be heard. From sand-bashing in the Wahiba desert to discovering hidden doorways in ancient castles. From snorkeling in a secluded island to swimming in gorgeous wadis, I wanted to share all I’ve learned from Oman, with you.

I hope you enjoy the country as much as I did! If you are just starting with the planning process, I’d suggest reading this step-by-step guide. If you’d like destination-specific guides or debating on which areas to visit, head over to the Destinations Page for more! Otherwise, read below for itineraries and hidden gems!

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