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About Me

I'm Daisy, a street food fanatic that rarely says no to a cheap flight :') I was adopted by a modeling agency in India (not a model), lived with bikers in Turkey (not a biker) and stayed in a community with self-built teepees along the Spree in Germany (not a real hippie). But it was Oman that I fell in love with. The mountains, wadis, desert, and sea drew me in. I'm sure you will enjoy the country as much as I do.

Welcome to Oman Travel Guides!

Oman Travel Guides is a website is dedicated to providing you with the best information regarding traveling around Oman!

Our Oman blog posts are here to help you plan your itinerary around the country. If you still aren’t sure whether Oman should be your next destination, here is a list of reasons why you should visit Oman and another article on the best places to visit in Oman! Otherwise, there is a whole bunch of information on accommodation, transportation, more.


At Oman Travel Guides, our goal is to provide a comprehensive list of resources to help make your trip around Oman smoother and more exciting!

We hope that this information will be useful to you, whether you are traveling Oman for the first time or are a seasoned road-tripper looking for more!  

Here’s a our Oman Travel Planning Facebook Group. This is the place to ask any questions about your Oman trip and connect with fellow travelers!

Who are We?

Hi! I’m Daisy! I’ve been backpacking for 6 years and am a bit of an adventure junkie. After living in 5 countries and visiting dozens more, I arrived in Oman, a country that was quick to sweep me off my feet.

On my first day in the country, my friend told me that living here is like being hugged by the mountains. Muscat exudes a warmth like home, like having coffee in your favourite mug by the fire, like waking up on a Sunday afternoon to Norah Jones. 

It didn’t take long before I fell in love with the wadis and mountains and seas. However, it wasn’t always easy to find information on Oman through Google. So, I decided to start this site with some Omani friends to help others discover the local hotspots and hidden gems that truly define the country! In my spare time, I write about sustainable development, digital transformation, and social impact