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About Me

I'm Daisy, a street food fanatic that rarely says no to a cheap flight :') I was adopted by a modeling agency in India (not a model), lived with bikers in Turkey (not a biker) and stayed in a community with self-built teepees along the Spree in Germany (not a real hippie). But it was Oman that I fell in love with. The mountains, wadis, desert, and sea drew me in. I'm sure you will enjoy the country as much as I do.

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Oman Travel Guides is an Oman travel blog & resource site that helps people from around the world plan their trips around the country! Our detailed articles on Oman offer fellow travelers the opportunity to explore the country from a local’s point of view. From the best places to stay around the country to the best restaurants in each city, we are devoted to producing high-quality content for our readers.

Oman Travel Guides is a great way to reach travelers interested in Oman tourism. Through our social media platforms, email list, and website, we can help promote your brand to our audience.

About Us

I am a Canadian that fell in love with Oman. After traveling around the country, myself and a few local friends began Oman Travel Guides as a way to help fellow travelers plan their Oman itinerary. Our website is for any Oman-bound traveler, including solo travelers, couple getaways, family travel, group-tour enthusiasts, budget backpackers, and high-end tourism.

By combining our personal experience and in-depth research, we aim to provide quality content that are SEO optimized to reach the right audience.

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Oman Travel Guides can help promote your brand to our audience so that you are thought of first when they plan their Oman trip.

From reviews, advertising, to press trips, there are a number of ways we can work together. Contact us for more information.